CEA Executive Board Statement
on Staff Movement at West Valley Elementary School
Released: June 20, 2015

CEA continues to work closely with CUSD to address this issue in a manner that best supports the students of the Cupertino Union School District.

For our members throughout the district, let’s all welcome teachers from West Valley and make them feel at home. We need to help the new teachers entering West Valley feel safe and secure. Help them build community spirit while they grow at their new site.

CEA exists to support the process, model and contract for all of CUSD’s teachers and to help them where needed. We are a family, and being such, we need to support and care for each other. Our doors at CEA are always open. Please feel free to come in and talk. Let’s get through this together!

3 thoughts on “West Valley

  1. If a teacher is newly hired to CUSD and is currently assigned to school, does the district have the power to move that teacher to West Valley?

  2. When West Valley opened eons ago I, Pat McCaw, along with 4 others were new hires—wet behind the ears but we worked long hard hours to learn from our master teachers. Other staff and the community were our support.

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