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Dues:  CTA -$3 per month(loss of $5 million), NEA +$1 per month to help fund Great Schools Public Initaitive (unable to fund $2.5 million in grants in 2012-2013)

Elections: Dean Vogel re-elected President, Eric C. Heins re-elected VP (Micki Cichocki-Semo ran unopposed for Secretary-Treasurer)

Language Acquisition– Gov. Brown proposing to cut 500 sections of Ed Code- ramifications for bilingual students

Political Involvement- new procedures for candidate recommendations with new tiered system based on new method for primaries (interview process, interview team, etc.) for state senate and assembly districts and Congressional districts.  Also procedures for recommending candidates for legislative recall elections, county Superintendent of Schools, county Boards of Education, other statewide election candidates, POTUS, and STRS Board.  (any office eligible for CTA/ABC funds)

Teacher Evaluation and Academic Freedom-continued work on Teacher Evaluation Workgroup

Early Childhood Education– discussion and written draft begun for sponsored legislation on Mandatory Kindergarten.  California Kindergarten Association will be sponsoring four TK workshops in June and July: go to www.cka.org.

School Safety and School Management-state Assembly Education Committee meeting to determine if “willful defiance” could or should be included in Ed Code.

Professional Rights and Responsibilities (Amy)-Non-Contract Rights subcommittee discussed privacy issues when using district-owned WiFi.

Civil Rights in Education-passed Major Policy on “Impact of Homelessness and Poverty on Children and Youth”, adding sentence “…homelessness does not equate to abuse or neglect.”  Also adding under “Elimination of Discrimination and Bias” “…familial status” to list of barriers (race, color, national origin language, religion, gender, etc.)  And polNEA Board of Directors wore yellow ribbons in honor of NEA member Charles Poland Jr., the Alabama bus driver who gave his life to save children on his bus from being abducted.  NEA President Dennis Van Roekel has submitted his name to Obama for Citizen’s Medal of Honor.  FAQ sheet on AB 1266 (The School Success and Opportunity Act to allow transgender students to participate in all school activities, programs, and facilities.)

Communications- CTA’s birthday is May 4.  Go to www.fryingpannews.org   : Independent news site that favors CTA and its viewpoints.  Also www.capitolnews.org  for updates on education bills, updates done every Wednesday.

Credentials and Professional Development-CTA seeks to join with CTF to seek legislation to develop single-subject credentials in Theater and Dance.  Also discussed issue of under what circumstances should interns be authorized to teach ELL while teaching and earning credentials.

Curriculum and Instruction-review of Math frameworks starts mid-April and goes until mid-June (60days).  Draft and survey can be found at http://www.cde.ca.gov/ci/ma/cf

Science standards due the week of April 8.

Retirement– passage of Major Policy based on situation in Alum Rock of the district not reporting properly to CalSTRS (or CalPERS)  It is the financial responsibility of the district due to misreporting, not the responsibility of the member.  Also CTA will develop a strategic plan to deal with impending situation of an 85% rate increase on CalPERS long term care policies set to take place in 2015.  Disapprove a New Business Item passed in January on CTA request CalSTRS divest from Wal-Mart.  CalSTRS is currently engaged in a lawsuit against the Board of Directors of Wal-Mart.

Adult, Alternative, and Career Technical Education– writing of online learning policy

Financing Public Education (Brian)– passage of Budget Principles for K-12, Community Colleges, and CSU for 2013-2014.  Section in K-12 on Local Control Funding Formula:

Full funding of Class Size Reduction, implementation over several years, restoration of deficit factor.  Also protection of following programs: transportation, Adult Ed, ROP/C, Special Ed. And state obligation to pay for implementing Common Core including technology, professional development, and instructional materials.

Assessment and Testing– presentation by Deb Sigman (CDE Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction) on update for Smarter Balance.  Presentation went over timeline of pilot, options for schools not technologically ready, how test will work for some Special Ed (CAPA will still be given, CMA will not as test is adaptive, IEPs will still be followed, looking at options for ELL students).  Also support of AB 484 Bonilla (Torlakson’s proposal to reduce testing in 2013-2014 during implementation of Common Core & Smarter Balance.)

Student Support Services– support of SB 331 Liu for statewide library network and SB430 Wright on testing for binocular vision function for 3rd graders (reading up close as opposed to far away).  Also discussed implications of LCFF on categorical programs (taking $ out of categorical means $ can be bargained, meaning locals will need to be more involved of categorical programs)

Negotiations-spirited debate on role of charter school teachers as members of CTA and  if charter schools being taken out of being supported by CTA (under trigger law, CTA members can create charter schools, don’t want opportunity to be lost). UCLA Summer Institute will have Health Benefits strand.

Special Education-had training on Common Core and impact on Special Ed students

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