Blue Hills Elementary Andrea Nieman * Lori Hunt
Collins Elementary Shawn Davis * Shara Carder
Cupertino Middle Jake Thomsen* Laurel Verissimo Susan Rikimaru
DeVargas Elementary Bayley Ehman*
Dilworth Elementary Melissa Reis*
Eaton Elementary Susan Bachelor * Diana Psyras
Eisenhower Elementary Staci Lee* Kathy Stapp
Faria Elementary Tara Patterson* Debra McGibbon
Garden Gate Elementary Stacy Smith * Beth Pearson
Hyde Middle Melanie Davenport* Dave Hunter Melissa Johnson
Okon Ibanga
Kennedy Middle Khadija Iyer* Corinna Chung Susan Hansen
Hamby Aochi
Lawson Middle Jeremy Gibbons*
Lincoln Elementary Ruth Eller
Meyerholz Elementary Derral Garrison*
Miller Middle Dave Villafana*
Monclaire Elementary Moriah Woolworth
Muir Elementary Lauri Jones * Susanne Meuse
Murdock-Portal Elementary Shanti Pai* Chris Roels
Nimitz Elementary Geoffrey Cacioppo *
Regnart Elementary Kate Lee*
Sedgewick Elementary Jennifer Regier *
Stevens Creek Elementary Elizabeth Allen*
Stocklmeir Elementary Rob Hodges*
West Valley Elementary Jocelyn Su*
Speech Becky Judd*
PE Charles Dye*

* indicates lead representative for site

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