Representative Assembly

2013-2014 Representative Assembly members [ URL ]

Duties of Representative Assembly Members

Each school site is entitled to 1 Representative Assembly (RA) member per every 12 Certificated CEA members at the school site.  Each RA member is entitled to vote at CEA RA meetings.

Each site designates a Faculty Representative who must be employed in good stand in CUSD and must be a CEA member.  Faculty Representative responsibilities include:

  • to attend each meeting of the RA or assume the responsibility of an alternate attendance.
  • to conduct constant and ongoing liaison between the Representative Council and the active members of the faculty/site unit.
  • to serve as the official channel through which written communications, CEA meetings, and publications can be easily transmitted between the Association and the members.
  • to exercise their considered judgment on matters of immediate action in the RA.
  • to cooperate with the membership committee in conducting the annual membership drive.

Representative Assembly Meetings

RA meetings are generally conducted the 4th Monday of a month.  2012-2013 Meeting dates: Aug 27, Sept 24, Oct 29, Nov 26, Jan 28, Feb 25, Mar 25, Apr 29, May 28

RA Agendas and Meeting Minutes [ URL ] – password protected (see RA or EBoard member)

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