Question: Can I work a percentage of my contract for next year?

Answer: YES! Section 3.15 on page 12 of the CEA/CUSD contract deals with percentage contract issues.

3.15.1 States “any member of the Unit may request to work a percentage of the school year or to share one full-time equivalent position with another part-time member of the Unit for a corresponding percentage of salary and fringe benefits.”

Question: My site administrator has said that I cannot go to a shared contract. Can they do that?

Answer: Section 3.15.8 states Approval by the District of a percentage contract shall be subject to effect on the educational program, the ability to place the member and/or identify an acceptable partner; such approval shall not be unreasonably withheld.

What does that mean: The approval comes from the District Office and cannot be unreasonably denied. Past practice has shown the district to approve most shared contract requests.

Question: My site administrator has said they can only have two (2) shared contracts at my school site. Is that true?

Answer: No, there is no policy or contract language that limits shared contract assignments.

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