Question: What is my personnel file? May I see it?

Answer: Article 9.16, on page 59, deals with personnel files. Members have the following rights with reference to his/her official personnel file: Each member of the Unit shall possess the right to have his/her file(s) disclosed to himself/herself provided that the request is made at the time when such member is not actually required to render services to the employer. … Such review shall take place during normal business hours at the place where these records are stored.  If necessary, the member of the Unit shall be released from the duty during non-instructional time for this purpose. Examinations of the files shall take place in the presence of an administrator.

What does that mean: During the course of your career items are placed in your personnel file which includes evaluations. You can request to view your file by contacting the human resources department and setting up an appointment to view your file. The request to view your file cannot be denied.

Question: What is in it? Can the district put anything in my file?

Answer: Evaluations, teaching credentials, transcripts, salary placement and such. Information of a derogatory nature, … shall not be entered or filed unless or until the member of the Unit is given notice and had an opportunity to review and comment thereon. A member of the Unit shall have the right to enter and have attached to any such derogatory statement his/her own comments thereon. The member shall possess the right to have copies of the contents included within the file made available to him/her …

What does that mean: NOTHING can go into your file that is derogatory in nature without you being notified first and given a chance to comment upon the document.

Question: What is the school site file?

Answer: The school site file is for materials that can be used for evaluation or documentation of incidents at the school site. Negative material in the supplemental file at the school not considered during a current or previous evaluation shall not be considered during a subsequent evaluation. Only material from the current evaluation period may be retained in the site file.

What does that mean: The site file should be cleaned out at the end of each school year.

CEA recommends that you should always review your Personnel File at the district office every few years to make sure that nothing was placed in your file by mistake. If you have any questions, please call the CEA office at 408-257-2122

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