Question: My principal has kept us until 5 pm for a staff meeting? What are my rights?

Answer: Article 12.2.8 of the contract, on page 76, Beyond the regular thirty-six and one quarter hour work week (at the close of the 7.25 hour day) a maximum of ninety (90) minutes, and in the circumstances provided in section below, one hundred twenty (120) minutes per school month may be required for faculty meetings within the context of the forty (40) hour work week. Faculty meetings may extend to a maximum of 120 minutes per month only in the following circumstances
a. When necessary to meet an emergency as defined in section 17.14 of the agreement or to meet legal requirements.
b. When the principal and the Faculty Advisory Committee reach consensus, the FAC and principal shall reach consensus on a solution to meaningfully address the subject matter which occasioned the request for extension.

What does that mean: It determines when your school duty day ends. For example: If your duty day ends at 3pm then your principal violated the contract by going until 5pm. That is 30 minutes over the monthly allowance Once the 90 minutes have been used up, they cannot have another staff meeting without FAC approval for that month.

Question: My principal uses staff development then staff meetings together on the short Tuesdays. Is that allowed?

Answer: Yes. The principal can have the staff meeting after the student dismissal then have “early Tuesday” activities.

What does that mean: It is up to the principal when the staff meeting is to be held and it is important that the site representative keeps track of time used. If the principal has a staff meeting then staff development, the staff development cannot run more than 90 minutes beyond the duty day during the course of the month. It is important that the site representatives keep track of these times and inform their principals if they have used up their staff meeting time.

Did you know? – 12.2.2 A duty free lunch period of no less than thirty (30) minutes per day shall be provided. What does that mean? Your principal cannot assign you something or set up a meeting during your thirty minute lunch unless they arrange for you to receive your 30 minute lunch afterwards. It is your contractual right and do not let principals take it away from you!

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