Question: Maternity Leave – What is it? Are there different types? How do I request it?

Answer: Under normal circumstances the member should give the District at least sixty (60) calendar days notice. Maternity leave is when your doctor requires you to be home prior to delivery and/or after the birth.  The member of the Unit may use sick leave if physically disabled and unable to render service to the District as a result of the pregnancy.

What does that mean: Once the doctor requires you to stay at home you will use any sick leave you have accrued. Once sick leave has been exhausted and you do not have supplemental coverage you can go onto differential pay for up to 100 days. What is differential pay? Substitute differential pay is where you get paid your regular salary minus what it costs to have a substitute.

Question: Is there anything else I can get to supplement Maternity/Parental Leave?

Answer: CEA endorses a Disability Plan that you can enroll into where you maternity is covered. The CTA Group Disability Plan requires you to use your sick days first while receiving a $25 a day allowance. After the sick days are used up and you go onto sub-differential pay, the Group Disability Plan will pay up to 75% of your salary which is coordinated with your differential pay.

Example: Your daily salary is $300. Sub pay is $150. You would receive $150 dollars through differential pay. If you have the Group Disability Plan, your salary after differential pay would be $225.

Restrictions: You cannot apply for the plan while you are pregnant.

What can you do?

  1. Call the district office and ask for information regarding maternity leave
  2. Refer to the contract article 5.4 on page 21 of the CEA/CUSD contract
  3. Call the CEA office regarding the Group Disability Plan – 408-257-2122

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