Question: Are IEP’s considered adjunct duty?

Answer: On page 86 and 87 of the CEA/CUSD contract under Article 16.2.3 Release time shall be provided for all members of the Unit required to attend IEP Team (meetings) during the instructional day. Required attendance at IEP Team meetings shall be considered as adjunct duty (as defined in 12.2.4), when the time extends beyond the duty day.

What does that mean: Yes, IEPs are considered adjunct duty and once you go beyond 25 hours, you shall be compensated at the adjunct duty rate per of the contract.

Question: Am I required to attend an IEP?
Answer: Under Education Code §56431 the IEP team shall include:

  1. Not less than one regular education teacher of the pupil
  2. Not less than one special education teacher of the pupil
  3. At least one member of the team shall be qualified to conduct individual diagnostic examinations of the children, such as a school psychologist, speech-language pathologist, or remedial reading teacher.

A member of the IEP team shall not be required to attend an IEP meeting, in whole or part,  if the parent(s) and the local educational agency agree that the attendance of the member is not necessary because the member’s area of expertise or related services is not being modified or discussed in the meeting.

What does that mean: Yes, you are required to attend if you are the regular ed., special ed., or support services provider of a child with an IEP. If the IEP meeting does not modify or discuss your area of expertise, you do not have to attend if you get written permission from the parent and the district.

Question: I have exceeded my 25 hour adjunct duty due to an after school IEP team meeting. I have filled a time card out for my adjunct duty and the site administrator or the district will not sign it or recognize the time card. What do I do?

Answer: IEP meetings are required by law and a site administrator must sign your time cards if you exceed 25 hours of adjunct duty. If an IEP team meeting is scheduled before or after the duty day and you are required to attend, then the district must pay for your time.

If the district or your site administrator will not recognize or pay you for your adjunct duty hours due to an IEP, please contact the
CEA office immediately at 257-2122

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