Question:  My principal is trying to run and control FAC what do I do?

Answer:    Faculty Advisory Committees or FAC is a school site committee mandated by the contract on page 4 section 2.7.  It is a committee made up of school staffs, itinerant support staffs and special education staff.  This committee should meet with the principal at least once monthly during the school year.

What does that mean:  The FAC committee meets with staff to determine what needs to be discussed and then meets with the principal.  The agenda and direction of the meeting is determinate upon by the FAC.  The principal is not a FAC member.  The FAC chairperson is in charge of the meeting and the direction it follows.

Question:   What does FAC do?  What areas in the school can/do we cover?

Answer:  According the section 2.7.1 of the contract, “The FAC shall be involved in the development and improvement of the instructional program”.  Also, section 2.7.3 “The committee shall meet to review and discuss local school problems, practices, and budget.  The committee shall play an active role in the revision, development or improvement of site practices and shall provide and opportunity for planning and exchanging of ideas.”

What does that mean:  It means you as a teacher have a voice in what is going on at your school site.  It also means that the Leadership Team should be a sub-committee to FAC.  Leadership teams are directed, led and appointed by the principal.  As a professional you should stand up and participate in what is going on at your school site.

How is FAC determined?

Answer:    FAC is composed of teachers at your school site.  Again the principal is not a member.  FAC cannot be appointed by principals.  You must hold a secret ballot at the beginning of the school year and must be composed of at least three members.  The chairperson shall be selected by the FAC members.  CEA recommends that you start the process as soon as you can as problems arise in the beginning of the school year that needs to be dealt with.

REMEMBER: FAC is your committee and your voice so stand up and use it!!!!

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