Question: How do I keep track of my adjunct duty hours?

Answer: CEA has negotiated with the district the use of a form to help teachers and administrators keep tract of adjunct duty hours. You can access the form on the districts intranet.

What does that mean: You need to keep track of your hours and have the principal sign off on any duty you perform for adjunct duty time. Once you exceed your 25 hours then you can fill out a time card to receive pay.

Question: I am a middle school teacher and I was told to cover a class with no sub during my prep time. Can the district do that?

Answer: Yes, under section 12.2.10 the district can ask teachers during their prep time to cover classes in emergency situations when no substitute is available. He or she shall be compensated at the adjunct duty rate of $33.92 an hour. Class periods that are less than an hour e.g., 50 minutes, shall be counted as an hour.

What does that mean:  It is the districts responsibility to provide adequate substitutes for teachers that re sick or away from the classroom. If one is not available, the district can direct a teacher to fill in during their prep time and be paid. This should not be a regular occurrence nor should any one teacher be asked to cover a classroom during their prep on a regular basis.

Question: The district is asking me to travel between school sites and I have to use my own car. Do I get reimbursed?

Answer: Yes!! Section 3.16 says that any teacher who is assigned to more than one school per day and use their own automobiles shall be reimbursed for all such travel between arrival at the first location and arrival at the last location at the end of the workday. The reimbursement rate shall be maintained at the maximum IRS allowance.

If you have any questions please call the CEA office at 408-257-2122

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