Question: I want to teach a supplementary lesson with materials that I have created for my class, but my principal has said I cannot use them nor teach the lesson. What can I do?

Answer: Academic Freedom.  Article 2.6 of the CEA/CUSD contract on page 4 states that academic freedom shall be guaranteed to members in the study, investigation, presentation, and interpretation of facts and ideas concerning man, human society, the physical and biological world, and other branches of learning subject to the accepted standards of professional responsibility with due regard to the maturity level of the student, district rules and policies, and the laws of the State of California.

What does that mean: It means to use good judgement about what you bring in the classroom for your students to use. You have the right to supplement your materials as you see fit. If a site administrator forbids you to use materials have them put it in writing and follow that order, and then contact your CEA site representative.

Question: My phone is not working in my classroom and has not been working for some time. What am I to do?

Answer: According to section 8.4 (page 42) of the contract, “all classrooms shall be provided with telephones consistent with the District’s telecommunication plan”.

What does that mean: The district is required to provide phone service to your classroom. It is not just a convenience issue, but a safety issue. If your phone is not working and you have put work orders in and nothing has happened, contact your CEA representative or call the CEA office 408-257-2122.

Did you know? – 10.6 Right of Representation

10.6.1 When a member of the Unit is required to appear before the Board or the Administration concerning any matter which could adversely affect the member of the Unit’s employment, the member of the Unit’s position, or the member of the Unit’s salary; the member of the Unit shall be entitled to have a representative of the Association present. Further, when a member of the Unit is required to appear before the Board, the member of the Unit will be advised in writing of the reasons for the requirement.

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