Rep Meeting September 28th

Cupertino Education Association

Representative Assembly Meeting

Monday, September 28, 2015



  1. Meeting called to order at 4:02 pm by Dave Villafana.
  2. Amendments to the Agenda – add CalRTA and Muir to Discussion Items.
  • Approval of April 27, 2015 Minutes – Moriah Woolworth moved to approve, Nicola Kennedy seconded. Motion carried.
  1. Discussion Items
  2. CEA Executive Board Declaration—Dave stated that we will fight for the rights of members, and he is committed to his job as president, no matter what. He requested that reps write why they are here (as a rep) and what they’re committed to on a post-it and put it on the poster by the white board in the CEA office.
  3. California Retired Teachers Association (CalRTA) — Carol Kyper stated that CalRTA is open to ALL teachers. They are a long-term advocacy group for teachers with a primary mission of protecting our pensions. Pensions are not gifts. They are your savings for retirement that you, the district, and the state pay into. There will be another ballot measure in 2016 that will try to attack our pensions. Please be watching for it so you can fight against it. CalRTA offers $200 mini-grants for teachers.   Apply by October 15. There are ten grants available.
  4. Representative Training – Please have one-on-one conversations with the teachers at your site between now and the October Rep Assembly meeting. Ask them what is going well and what is not going well. Be sure to talk to new teachers, special ed teachers, etc. too. Bring the information to the next Rep Assembly.
  5. West Valley – Reps received a timeline of what happened at West Valley. Discussion about West Valley occurred. Many teachers in the district are very afraid to speak up. Many people are happy at their school, but are fearful and distrustful of the district. Questions from reps: How did the MOU get agreed to? The district was dishonest about what had happened (said there was mediation when there wasn’t, for example) and based on that misrepresentation the MOU was agreed to. What’s being done to ensure that this kind of tactic isn’t used again? This is one of the parts of the contract that will get worked on during negotiations this year. What about HSD (Human Systems Dynamics)? We are having someone research its background, financials, etc.
  6. Site Visits – Reps received a list of what was discussed at Dave’s site visits. Reps can use the list to help the discussions at one-on-ones.
  7. Welcome of Neal Wooley, Vice President, and Katie Burnette, Secretary.
  8. Taco Cart – The feedback was good and we will do that again.
  9. CEEF Run – The run was successful and a good fundraiser.
  10. Muir – There are some major issues with the renovation at Muir. Neal Wooley will go to Muir and meet with teachers there to get a punch list going and then he will work to get those problems rectified.
  11. Professional Development — (PAT – I DIDN’T GET THE WOMAN’S NAME OR WHAT “ILC” STANDS FOR. WOULD YOU PLEASE ADD THAT IN BELOW AND THEN DELETE THESE CAPS?) _____________________from ILC (______________________) stated that we teachers need to take back professional development and have teachers teach teachers again. ILC is putting together a FREE training conference for middle school teachers. Please be sure to register, if you are interested.
  12. PE – There is a lawsuit that has been filed against CUSD (and other districts) because we are out of compliance with the required 100 minutes per week. Comments brought up: What is our PE curriculum? We are not trained to teach PE and don’t have curriculum.
  13. District Email Standards – We are held to the standard of answering emails within 48 hours, but the people at the district office do not follow that same standard. Dave will talk to the district about this.
  14. Meeting adjourned at 5:14 pm.

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