Elementary PE

P.E. Instructional Minutes Background Information: 

The California Ed Code requires a credentialed teacher to provide 200 minutes of standards-based PE to students every 10 days of instruction.  Compliance with Ed Code is mandatory.


Our District has been reviewing the number of PE instructional minutes currently offered by credentialed staff at all elementary school sites. This work began last spring by our District management’s equity work group. The group found inconsistencies in delivery of PE instruction from site to site.


Next Steps:

To ensure compliance, District leaders are taking immediate steps to survey current practices and support teachers’ compliance with meeting Ed. Code requirements:


  • School principals will provide the District with daily instruction schedules, which include PE, by the end of October.
  • Teachers in grades 1 – 5 must provide 200 minutes of teacher-led physical education instruction every 10 days, as soon as possible, but no later than after parent conference week.  This is in addition to any PE minutes provided by outside contractors and does not include recess or lunch. For now, here are some examples of activities students can be involved in:
  • See https://www.gonoodle.comre: easy ideas for students’ exercise
  • Running
  • Walking
  • Jump-rope
  • Hoola Hoops
  • Organized games


  • A representative group will be formed and will include District leaders and teacher representatives. The group will collaborate on ways to support teacher instruction with additional equipment, standards-based curriculum and professional development as needed.


Additionally, please direct any questions from parents or community members regarding PE minutes to my attention (elia_diane@cusdk8.org). If you have had any direct inquiries about PE minutes in the last year, please let me know.


We appreciate your attention to this matter while we accomplish the above steps.




Diane Elia


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