President-Elect’s speech to CUSD board

Dear Superintendent and school board members, 

Communication and transparency builds trust and respect. Recently, Chris, Toby, and two engineers met with some of the Miller staff to discuss air quality. They were able to communicate the process of testing that they did to guarantee that the rooms were safe to teach in. I cannot thank them enough for their time and commitment to ease the teacher’s fears of contamination. 

I truly must thank Toby as he was in extreme pain while trying to sit in on this meeting. Apparentl,y he had thrown his back out, something that I am quite familiar with. That, to me, says a lot about his character.

I would like to thank the school board and Wendy for reaching out to set up meetings with all three unions. Communication and transparency is the foundation for a working relationship. This may bring about our AARP: Appreciation, Admiration, Respect and Passion. As I get older, I realize that I truly need to appreciate the people around me more!

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CUSD Vacancy List

Vacancy List May 22, 2015 Sheet1

Vacancy List May 21, 2015 Sheet1

Vacancy List May 20, 2015 Sheet1

Vacancy List May 15, 2015 Sheet1

Vacancy List May 14, 2015 Sheet1

Vacancy List May 13, 2015 Sheet1

Vacancy List May 12, 2015 Sheet1

Vacancy List May 8, 2015 Sheet1

Vacancy List April 20, 2015 Sheet1

Vacancy List 3.31.15

Vacancy List 3.27.15

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2014-2015 Negotiations Ratification

By now all sites should have received a ballot to ratify the  2015-2016 tentative bargaining agreements.  We will have an open house at the CEA office on Tuesday, May 26th to answer questions relating to our negotiations.   To see the original tentative agreements please follow this link: 0049_001

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Health and Welfare Update

Dear Members,

Please follow this link: CEA Health and Welfare_May 2015 to see important information about Health and Welfare plan changes. Additionally,  note that open enrollment is from  May 11-May 26.  For a list of 2015-2016 health care costs please follow this link: 15-16 MO CONTRIBUTIONS .

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Updated Dues Structure


  • CTA: $641
  • NEA: $183
  • CEA: $250
  • ANNUAL: $1074


  • CTA: $330.50
  • NEA: $103
  • CEA: $125
  • ANNUAL: $558.50


  • CTA: $330.50
  • NEA: $183
  • CEA: $250
  • ANNUAL: $763.50


  • CTA: $175.25
  • NEA: $63.25
  • CEA: $62.50
  • ANNUAL: $301

CEA/April 30, 2015

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President Elect’s Speech to CUSD Board on 5/6

Dear Superintendent and School Board,

Today is a day for celebration. I can’t think of a better day than to announce the Teacher of the Year. We have incredible teachers at CUSD and each of them deserve to be recognized as a Teacher of the Year. I would like to personally thank all of the teachers in CUSD for their commitment to this most rewarding profession.  I am honored to be amongst you in this endeavor.
It is a day for celebration as the district and the union have come to some agreement with the financial aspects of bargaining. We can do incredible things when we work together. Now more than ever we need to have that commitment from both sides to get through the changes that are being imposed upon us. Communication is the foundation for this direction that we have to take. I hope as newly elected president that we can meet and focus on the needs of the teachers, community, and especially the kids.

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President Elect’s Message — A Note from Dave

Dear Colleagues,

 I would personally like to thank Kai for all of his hard work while being in office for three years. Kai has done an incredible job and I only hope to continue with that same commitment. I want to say that I am truly honored to be elected as your CEA president. As president I will be fully disclosing my time and work that I do for CEA. In light of that I have included our dues structure for this year. If we are going to address any increase of changes in our budget then you as a member need to be fully aware of what that budget looks like. I feel that if we as a union follow this tact of transparency and communication then we can surely tell the district that we need them to do the same. I will be meeting with our superintendent, her executive cabinet, the school board and CEEF this summer to discuss our many concerns and issues. When these meetings take place you will be fully informed of the outcomes. I will post as variety of things on Facebook and tweet any information that needs to be seen immediately. I will need to have you accept my Facebook page and tweets. I hope that as we work together we can improve our morale. My door will always be open as I know that I work for you!

~Dave Villafana

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